Gabriela MalinowskaGraphic Designer

Gabriela Malinowska is a UK-based multidisciplinary designer known for her love of vibrant, bold designs with a touch of gradients. Specializing in posters, moving images, type specimens, and brand expression. Gabriela's work is grounded in a deep understanding of culture and diverse audiences. She studied Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University, where she honed her skills and gained a solid foundation in design principles. Throughout her design journey, Gabriela consistently demonstrates a commitment to creative exploration, producing visually compelling solutions that resonate with audiences. Her portfolio showcases not only technical proficiency but also an ability to adapt designs to diverse cultural contexts, making her work both engaging and culturally relevant.

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My Mother Named Podlachia - Editorial Book

Selected Pages
"My Mother Named Podlachia" delves into more than a simple homage to Bialystok in Podlasie. It is an exploration, utilizing contemporary editorial design as a tool to unveil new perspectives on my homeland. This project is a personal celebration of the nuanced cultural richness, historical legacy, and diverse landscapes that define Podlasie—a region often obscured by unfounded stereotypes, notably as the "bible belt" of Poland. Through subtle design choices and an experimental approach, it invites readers to rediscover Podlasie, offering a fresh and nuanced portrayal of my cherished birthplace.

Eutopia TypefaceEutopia Typeface, stemming from my university dissertation on experimental type design, challenges conventional typographic structures. It rejects pre-conceived notions of legibility, reflecting a broader theme of progressivism in modern society. The font stands out with subversive vowels – curly, serif-like glyphs that boldly contrast with sans-serif characters, infusing an avant-garde flair into the design.

PostersIn this selected poster collection, I explore what I playfully term "graphic design porn" – a space that liberates designers to indulge in the most daring visual expressions within the constraints of a poster format. These designs act as a canvas for unrestrained creativity, allowing designers to push the boundaries and experiment with a vivid and audacious visual language. Each poster is a celebration of the uninhibited freedom of artistic expression, offering a condensed yet vibrant showcase of graphic design innovation.

SerifChic TypefaceSerifChic, born in 2022, is not your ordinary serif typeface – it's a dynamic fusion of contrasting accents, seamlessly blending smooth, round edges with sharp, compelling contours. Crafted as an answer to injecting personality into typefaces, SerifChic exudes a character of short temper and impulsiveness, akin to the spirited Gemini of serif fonts.

Oripeau Urban Project

Nantes, France
As part of Oripeau's urban collaborative project, I contributed a visual titled 'Vaporub.' This piece explores a conceptual narrative, delving into the 90s acid house era, where over-the-counter medicine took on an illicit role. It's a creative commentary on the unconventional uses of everyday items during that transformative period in urban culture.

Creative ReportCreative Report 2022 features exclusive interviews with the brilliant minds of Pablo Rochat and Meiting Song. Conceived during my university journey, this report reflects my quest for inspiration from influential designers. Dive in to discover a captivating interview with an emerging graphic designer, showcasing their artistic evolution within these dynamic pages.


End Of Year Show 2022I designed this branding for our university's end-of-year show, aiming to reflect the brilliance of creative minds and capture the artistic spirit of Leeds Arts University students. The central concept revolves around an evolving 3D organism, paying homage to our 'made in Leeds' identity.