Gabriela MalinowskaGraphic Designer

Gabriela Malinowska is a UK-based multidisciplinary designer known for her love of vibrant, bold designs with a touch of gradients. Specializing in posters, moving images, type specimens, and brand expression. Gabriela's work is grounded in a deep understanding of culture and diverse audiences. She studied Graphic Design at Leeds Arts University, where she honed her skills and gained a solid foundation in design principles. Throughout her design journey, Gabriela consistently demonstrates a commitment to creative exploration, producing visually compelling solutions that resonate with audiences. Her portfolio showcases not only technical proficiency but also an ability to adapt designs to diverse cultural contexts, making her work both engaging and culturally relevant.

For typeface licenses please get in contact.

CV available upon request.

Eutopia TypefaceEutopia Typeface, stemming from my university dissertation on experimental type design, challenges conventional typographic structures. It rejects pre-conceived notions of legibility, reflecting a broader theme of progressivism in modern society. The font stands out with subversive vowels – curly, serif-like glyphs that boldly contrast with sans-serif characters, infusing an avant-garde flair into the design.